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29th Oct 2013
Lyco Rolls Equipment Display to European Food Processors Front Door
Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. is taking its’ food processing equipment and latest innovations on a European road tour. Similar to Lyco’s mobile equipment display used in the U.S., the newly built European display is designed for stopping at customer’s plants for visits by factory personnel. The equipment can be unloaded from the truck to allow testing of customer’s products onsite, utilizing Lyco’s full size plug-and-play production machines. Equipped with the latest automated controls, the customer will be able to easily set their recipes for blanching, cooking, and cooling. Steve Hughes, CEO says, “The rolling display is another way that Lyco continues to innovate, inform, and serve customers with the latest ways they can improve their product quality, increase yield, save labor, reduce water consumption – by seeing and using the equipment first hand.” By bringing the equipment to the factory, more people are able to give suggestions, and ask Lyco’s experts about the latest processing methods. Many who do not attend trade fairs get the advantage of Lyco’s mobile display stand coming directly to them. The Lyco mobile display will include Lyco’s continuous Clean-Flow® Cooker, which is designed to reduce product changeovers and sanitation time from hours to minutes. Clean-Flow ®is one of the most automated, effective rapid clean in place commercial cooking systems available. Lyco’s Easy-Flow™ Cooler will also be displayed on the truck, which is capable of reducing blanched or cooked product temperature to 5˚ C (41˚ F) in 21 seconds. Lyco’s Easy-Flow TM Cooler is the most efficient food processing product cooling system on the market. Tom Surmiak, International Sales Manager for Lyco, knows that response to the traveling display in the U.S. had been phenomenal. This year alone Lyco will bring the equipment technology mobile display to over 100 food processing production facilities. Surmiak says, “It’s not unusual for 20-25 people to come out and see the mobile demonstration – production, engineering, maintenance, sanitation personnel, company owners, and managing directors. They all seem to really enjoy the show.”
21st Sep 2013
Lyco appoint F Jahn as agent for UK and Ireland
Lyco Manufacturing Inc. of Wisconsin, USA, has appointed F. Jahn & Co. Ltd. as their new sales agent for the UK and Ireland. Tom Surmiak, International Sales Manager for Lyco says, “The reason we are very happy to have F. Jahn as our representatives is their knowledge and activity in the food industry and their experience and understanding of customers\' needs, which enable us to partner and provide the best solution to our customers\' requirements.” Lyco designs and builds a range of continuous Cooker/ Coolers, designated Clean-Flow®, for pasta, rice and all types of vegetable, as well as continuous rotary drum Blanchers for various dry beans and pulses. Lyco Cookers feature an open machine design with easy access for hygiene and maintenance. The product is conveyed through the system in water with a rotary auger and product agitation is achieved by means of a “Hydro-Flow” system. This ensures that no clumping occurs, which is particularly important in the case of long pasta products such as spaghetti, tagliatelli and noodles. The Clean-Flow® Cookers can handle fragile products without damage and cook temperatures are closely controlled, giving uniformity of cooking throughout daily production runs. Energy savings are about 35-40% compared to conventional cook/quench/chill equipment. For cooling, Lyco developed the Easy-Flow® machine with extremely fast cooling times, typically from 95°C down to 5°C in under 30 seconds. Lyco Cooker/Coolers are designed to be easy to clean and simple to maintain.